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          Occupying one of the largest studios in Washington, Evergreen Dance Center is also one of the oldest studios in the state.  Some former students have gone on to professional careers in dance, some have become fine teachers, and some are mothers bringing their children and even their grandchildren back to dance at Evergreen.

        Classes are held from September through May each year.  A summer session is held in July or August.  We present two student performances each year.  The first informal recital is held at the studio during the winter holidays.  Late in May or early in June, parents and students together look forward to a full, formal performance to end the dance year.  This performance takes place on one of the areas fine stages.

        Registration for fall classes is accepted through the end of November.  Registrations are accepted again at the beginning of the new year for classes starting in January.  Please check our Footnotes page for announcements of new classes and other pertinent news.  Our main studio is in Longview. 
Click here for information about our branch studios.

        New students are always welcome at Evergreen.  We offer classes in all styles of dance, for all levels of dancers.  Browse through our site to learn more, or come visit the studio, located at 1430 Commerce Ave. in the heart of downtown Longview.